Bikol : alpha male

Publié le 26 Août 2015

Bikol : alpha male

Eighteen-year-old Bikol, the first baby chimpanzees rescued by IDA-Africa back in 1999, is a pensive, kind chimpanzee who really likes the females. At Sanaga-Yong Rescue Center he was the popular alpha male of his social group until a ruptured ligament in his knee sidelined him in late 2013. We were prepared to bring an orthopedic surgeon to repair the ligament, but both human and veterinary orthopedic specialists advised us that the risk of surgery was too great and that we wouldn't likely have a good result. So now our Bikol limps off and on and rarely intervenes in conflicts, but he still enjoys the 20 acres of forest he shares with 19 others, and the female chimpanzees still adore him and trust him to be nice to them. His lovely nature also makes him a clear favorite of all the humans at SY.

Photo courtesy of Jacques Gillon


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