Bouboul at Sanaga-Yong

Publié le 20 Août 2015

Bouboul at Sanaga-Yong

Eighteen-year-old Bouboule has lived at Sanaga-Yong Center since 2000 when IDA-Africa found him tied by his waist behind a village hut with a pig, his only friend. Miserable with scabies, the itchiest skin disease known to humans or chimpanzees, and desperate for a loving touch, he soon passed his skin disease to all his human caregivers at the Rescue Center. Fortunately with good treatment everyone soon recovered, and in 2002 Bouboule was adopted by elder female chimpanzee Dorothy. He briefly became the alpha male of his group in 2010, but lacked the maturity and leadership skills he would have needed to keep the job. Today he shares a 20-acre forested enclosure with 19 other chimpanzees in his social group, is popular with females and mostly avoids conflict with males. He is of the subspecies Pan troglodytes ellioti, the most endangered subspecies of chimpanzee in Africa.

Photo courtesy of Jacques Gillon - photographe


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